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Uganda Safari Lodges

Woodland Lodges

Come stay at Woodland Lodges’ affordable Uganda lodges during your safari in Uganda. It will be a stay to remember at our close to nature safari lodges in Uganda!

Our chain of lodges offers budget friendly accommodation with friendly service, tasty meals with a local touch and safari feeling in close to nature locations.

Woodland Lodges Uganda consists of:

All our Uganda lodges are small scale, giving you a feeling of being close to nature and decorated to set you in safari mood, in short the perfect choice for your safari!

Safari Lodges in Uganda

Our safari Lodges in Uganda

Hornbill bush lodge

by Murchison Falls National Park

Hornbill Bush Lodge is a budget lodge with great value for money by Murchison Falls National Park. Of our safari lodges in Uganda Hornbill Bush Lodge stands out for being the one with “a rough safari touch”. It has an  iconic location by the mighty River Nile. Hornbill Bush Lodge is located just 5 min from Tangi Gate to Murchison Falls National Park, by the papyrus on the banks of the River Nile. From our elevated restaurant you get a panoramic view of the River Nile.

As the name indicates this is a bush lodge with a rough touch and decorations to match. But don’t worry we have all the amenities to make your stay comfortable. The style here is set by keeping the bush matching the nature in the park around, interesting bones to look at, masks on the walls and the actual grass from the land used in the interior design (here we can talk local sourcing of the material!).

Hornbill Bush Lodges’ restaurant is elevated to let you take in the impressive views of the Nile. A fun fact about it is that you can actually catch both the sunrise and sunset from it. You can enjoy a tasty meal with a local touch in the comfort of the restaurant or if you prefer our team is, weather permitting, happy to set up a bush breakfast or dinner for you.

To give you comfort in the bush we have spacious cottages. These are set up with comfortable beds, mosquito nets, charging possibility and en-suite bathrooms with warm water. Each cottage has a veranda where you can sit and take in the surroundings. The land where Hornbill Bush Lodge is located has historically been common feeding grounds for elephants. As they say an elephant never forgets, so they are still regular visitors. If you are lucky you will be able to see elephants from your veranda. Another sign that we are close to nature is that you can be sure to hear the unmistakable sound of hippos in the Nile during the evening.

Safari Lodges in Uganda
Uganda Lodges

Pumba Safari Cottages

by Kyambura, Queen Elizabeth National Park

At the edge of the escarpment in Kyambura overlooking Queen Elizabeth National Park and with the Rwenzori Mountains in the distance you find our Pumba Safari Cottages. Here you stay in our cosy cottages, look for elephants in the park below and enjoy tasty meals in our elevated restaurant.

Pumba Safari Cottages was the first of our safari lodges in Uganda. It has established itself as a top option among the budget lodges in Queen Elizabeth National Park. Here you get great value for money and a very scenic location.

Of our Uganda Lodges Pumba Safari Cottages is “the cosy one”, a small lodge with a welcoming safari ambiance. It is set in a garden with trees to give a nice shade and attract birds. Our restaurant is elevated on top of the reception so you get the feeling of sitting in the treetops. When you enjoy your meal you get the impressive view of Queen Elizabeth National Park.

Each of our rooms has a veranda or balcony where you can enjoy the surrounding nature as you relax after your safari adventures. The rooms are decorated with kitenge materials as well as paintings by a local artist to set that cosy safari mood. All our rooms are self-contained offering warm showers, charging possibility and mosquito nets.

Topi lodge

by Ishasha, Queen Elizabeth National Park

Topi Lodge is our Uganda lodge close to the wilderness of Ishasha, with a “stylish safari feeling”. This lodge is located just 5 min from the southern gate to the Ishasha sector of Queen Elizabeth National Park. It is the perfect starting point for a morning of searching for tree-climbing lions. Otr you can head straight from here to trek the Mountain Gorillas in the Buhoma sector of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park.

Our land is bordering the park with Uganda Wildlife Authorities animal trench as a separator, so we are truly close to the wild of Ishasha. It has actually happened that the tree-climbing lions have been hanging out in a tree by the turn off to Topi Lodge! When you cross the bridge over the animal trench you will get a warm welcome by our team.

Our restaurant is decorated with local materials and masks to give that beautiful stylish safari feeling. We have a terrace where you can enjoy breakfast with sunrise views or dinner under the stars. When passing through Ishasha make a stop at Topi Lodge for warm lunch in lovely surroundings. Please call ahead to book to avoid waiting.

At Topi Lodge we offer spacious rooms decorated with masks and with details that make it stand out. We have even had visitors asking to buy our specially designed kitenge bedspreads! All the comforts you expect from a great budget lodge are there. We have en-suite bathrooms with warm showers, charging in the rooms, luggage stands and mosquito nets. Each room has a veranda or balcony where you can privately enjoy the wilderness.

Uganda Lodge
Safari Lodges in Uganda

Tilapia lodge

by Entebbe

Tilapia Lodge is simply “a safari lodge by Entebbe”, at a budget friendly price. At this Uganda safari lodge we offer safari feeling from day one of your safari. You stay in a jungle park setting at the shores of Lake Victoria. The idea for this lodge came as we saw a wish from visitors of our safari company to stay close to nature rather than in the city on their arrival and departure days. So to fill this gap in the accommodation sector in Entebbe Tilapia Lodge was created. You can arrive either by boat or ferry from Entebbe or via Kasanje road from Mpigi if you are connecting straight from safari.

If you arrive with boat from Entebbe our team will give you a warm welcome at our deck by the water. From our restaurant you enjoy a beautiful view of Lake Victoria. An early breakfast here lets you take in the sunrise over Lake Victoria. At dinner time we have the lights from the airport playing in the water in view. A speciality at the lodge is off course dishes with our name sake the Tilapia fish. We are happy to serve in house guests as well as day visitors at the restaurant. Please call ahead to avoid waiting.

The spacious cottages by Entebbe are in a jungle park setting. Where you enjoy views of nature from your veranda. We have aimed to give you safari feeling by designing the rooms in the same way as our lodges by the national parks. This means using natural materials and details to set the mood. Each cottage has an en-suite bathroom with warm shower, charging possibility and mosquito nets.

What our visitors say about our Uganda Lodges:

Pumba Safari Cottages

“The location is stunning looking over the savanna wonderful views, lovely cottages, great food, staff and service very relaxing. We stayed one night and it was wonderful, would highly recommend a stay in the place.” – Alli M, TripAdvisor


Topi Lodge

“Topi lodge is such a beautiful place to stay, that was decorated with love. The houses (rooms) are very big, really really comfortable and clean. The food was very tasty. Staff was very friendly and nice and had always a laugh on the face! Especially Fiona who workers there as a waitress. They also had a bird feeding area and a path through nature. Thank you for the nice stay! I can highly recommend to spend a few days in this beautiful lodge.” – Tams, TripAdvisor


Hornbill Bush Lodge

“I spent one night at Hornbill Bush Lodge as part of a safari. It is located close to the national park, in a peaceful environment. Perfect food, clean room and friendly staff. Thank you for the hospitality!”Máté, TripAdvisor


Tilapia Lodge

“The perfect accommodation for those who want peace and quiet and live close to nature. It is only a few minutes boat ride on Lake Victoria to enter Entebbe. The connection to the airport is very smooth. The staff is very service minded and the food was absolutely outstanding.”

Malin, TripAdvisor

Woodland Lodges Uganda

A partner to Tour Operators

We pride ourselves in being a good partner to tour operators. Having our roots coming from the tour operator side of the safari business we understand the special needs of tour operators and we know that you the tour operators are our main buyers. We are here to make your booking experience smooth and welcome your guests and guides in the best way at our lodges. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or queries. Your feedback is what makes us better.

Uganda lodge
Uganda Lodges


Woodland Lodges

Woodland Lodges is a chain of small scale safari lodges in Uganda. Our aim is to offer friendly service at comfortable safari style lodges in close to nature locations.
Friendly Service

That first impression at arrival sets the tone for your stay so we make sure to make it a warm welcome. At our lodges you are always with a smile offered a glass of juice at arrival together with a wet towel to wipe the dust of the travels away. From that point of welcoming you our team is there to make your stay comfortable. Don’t hesitate to ask if you need any assistance.

Comfortable Safari Style Lodges

Our Uganda lodges are budget level lodges offering comfort with safari style settings. The fact that we have budget lodges doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be comfortable. With Woodland Lodges you can expect a comfortable bed, mosquito net, charging in the room, private veranda or balcony and en-suite bathroom with warm water. The safari style comes from using natural local materials in construction (like grass thatches and timber poles) as well as from decorating with kitenge, local art and masks.

Close to nature locations

For each of Woodland Lodges outstanding budget Uganda lodges we have carefully chosen a special close to nature location. If you look at the pictures you see for yourself that each of our locations has something that makes you go “wow!” and that has been exactly what we have wished to achieve. Pumba Safari Cottages is located on the escarpment with stunning views over Queen Elizabeth National Park. Topi Lodge is by the wilderness of Ishasha. Hornbill Bush Lodge is on the banks of the River Nile. Tilapia Lodge is on the shores of Lake Victoria.

+ Meals with a local touch

At all our Uganda lodges we offer meals with a local touch when possible. It can be vegetables made in a local style, a side dish of cassava for breakfast, tasting matoke for dinner or if you wish a full Ugandan style meal. It just makes us happy if that’s your request! The food is such a big part of a culture so we really wish to give our visitors the opportunity to get a taste of Uganda’s delicacies.

Above we haven’t even talked about the fruits… Uganda might be blessed with the tastiest pineapples and sweetest mangos around. Meaning that your fruit platter for breakfast is something to look forward to.

Safari Lodges in Uganda


Uganda where Woodland Lodges is located is a country in East Africa by the Equator. We are blessed with a comfortable warm climate. As a safari destination Uganda stands out for offering varied experiences. You can go for anything form a 3-day safari to a full 21-day tour around Uganda without feeling that you are seeing and doing the same thing every day. This is thanks to Uganda’s varied landscape and rich wildlife.

Highlights during a safari in Uganda can include mountain gorilla trekking, chimpanzee trekking, game-drives on the savanna, boat-cruises to spot wildlife, rafting on the Nile, amazing birding, safari walks and community experiences like music performances, village walks or market visits. The friendly Ugandan people will add an extra dimension to your journey. And our rich cultures can intrigue you.

To make a safari complete you need beautiful safari lodges to spend your nights. That’s where we at Woodland Lodges come in to offer you places to stay in Uganda.

Uganda Lodges