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A morning at Tilapia Lodge | See how it is

nature restaurant by Entebbe

Mornings at our Tilapia Lodge by Entebbe are amazing! We let the camera tag along during a morning, so you can see what we mean. As the sun rises over Lake Victoria and starts to sends its sun rays over Tilapia Lodge.

Imagine this being your first morning in Uganda or a morning during your well needed weekend break by Entebbe. You have just left your cottage to catch the sunrise.

Sunrise over Lake Victoria

Sunrise over Lake Victoria

Our Tilapia Lodge is located at the shores of Lake Victoria, just across the bay from Entebbe. This picture was taken this morning, while standing on our deck by the lake. The perfect spot to enjoy the sunrise!

Tilapia Lodge restaurant by Entebbe
Tilapia Lodge

Turning back from the deck by the water we followed the walk way towards the restaurant. It literally looks imbedded in the nature around. You get the feeling of being in the jungle!


Tilapia Lodge lounge
bar at Tilapia Lodge by Entebbe
nature restaurant by Entebbe

Entering the restaurant the sun gives a warm light to the beautiful décor and makes you just wish to sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee. Turning around to the side of the dining we once again see Lake Victoria and the rising sun.


Cottages by Entebbe
Cottage by Entebbe view

By our Tilapia cottage the sun rays welcomes us and in between the trees, that give that jungle feeling, we have another glimpse of the sun rising over Lake Victoria. This is the perfect place to stay if you are looking for cottages by Entebbe.

Learn more about Tilapia Lodge by Entebbe

Here we offer you a close to nature stay just across the bay from Entebbe and the international airport. Enjoy views of Lake Victoria from the deck and restaurant. Stay in one of our comfortable cottages by Entebbe in our park with jungle feeling. It’s quite unbelievable but we actually offer this at the same price as you would pay for a guesthouse in Entebbe city! You get great value for money (see our rates). 


At Woodland Lodges we offer friendly service at comfortable safari style lodges in close to nature locations in Uganda. With our affordable rates you get great value for money!