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Boat-cruise on Lake Victoria by Entebbe

boat-cruise on Lake Victoria

An unforgettable activity to do while staying at Tilapia Lodge is a boat-cruise on Lake Victoria by Entebbe. As the lodge is located at the shores of the lake it is the perfect starting point.

Tilapia Lodge dock
boat-cruise on Lake Victoria Entebbe

Boat-cruise on LAke Victoria

Let’s tag along for a boat-cruise on Lake Victoria by Entebbe to see some of the scenic views! Starting off from the dock at Tilapia Lodge our visitors had an easy start to the journey. It was just to stroll down from the restaurant to the dock.

The target with the Lake Victoria boat-cruise was to visit the Equator point in the lake and see the sunset, so they set of in the late afternoon.

During the late afternoon the fisherman are getting ready for their work, so several fishing boats where sighted as they were leaving Entebbe. The guide gave insights into what they fish as well as details about Lake Victoria. Did you for example know that Lake Victoria is the second largest fresh water lake in the world and the biggest lake in Africa?

Lake Victoria by Entebbe
Equator point in Lake Victoria

The Equator in Lake Victoria

Continuing on they reached the Equator point in Lake Victoria by Entebbe. Here there is a monument showing the spot and it’s possible to come off the boat for some memorable pictures.

Uganda is located at the point where the northern and southern hemispheres meet. Taking a equator boat-cruise from Entebbe gives you the special experience of visiting this spot in Lake Victoria.

sunset boat-cruise Lake Victoria

Sunset in Lake Victoria

The last highlight of the boat-cruise on Lake Victoria starting from Entebbe was views of the sun setting in the lake. This is a unique experience every time as the colors light up the sky and reflections come into the lake. A beautiful way to finish the day!


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