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Murchison Falls National Park accommodation

Murchison Falls National Park accommodation

When looking for Murchison Falls National Park accommodation you will see that there is a wide selection of lodge options fit for different budget levels. There is all from basic budget level accommodation like Red Chilli Rest Camp and comfort budget like Hornbill Bush Lodge. With the mid-range options including lodges like Fort Murchison and Pakuba Lodge. While the luxury segment has lodges like Paraa Safari Lodge and the premium luxury lodge Nile Safari Lodge.

As you see above Murchison Falls National Park can offer accommodation options for travellers of all different budgets. Make your selection based on your preferences of price, services and style of lodge.  When keeping these things in mind when choosing your lodge you will avoid disappointment caused by a mismatch between your expectations and the lodge you booked.

accommodation Murchison Falls

Budget accommodation Murchison Falls National Park

Many travellers to Uganda are looking for accommodation within the comfort budget segment. You are wishing to stay in a comfortable lodge, but you don’t want to spend too much on your accommodation. So you can afford to see more of our beautiful Uganda!

Our Hornbill Bush Lodge is your perfect comfort budget choice for Murchison Falls National Park accommodation. At this affordable lodge you get spacious en-suite cottages by Murchison Falls National Park, safari feeling, friendly service and tasty meals. The lodge is in a bush style setting by the Nile and just 5 min from Tangi gate.

Hornbill Bush Lodge cottage

Good lodges offering comfort budget accommodation like Hornbill Bush Lodge give you a self-contained room, with warm water, charging possibility, comfortable beds with mosquito nets and a private veranda.

budget accommodation in Murchison

The restaurant at Hornbill Bush Lodge is elevated so that you have views of the surrounding nature. In the restaurant you are served tasty meals with a local touch. So you go home with an idea of what Ugandan food is like.

Internet is available in the restaurant so you can tell your family and friends about your amazing experiences in Murchison Falls National Park. Our friendly team is there to take care of you, showing you what Ugandan hospitality is.

Close to nature

When on safari most travellers wish to spend their nights close to nature. Hearing sounds of animals in the night and possibly even catching a glimpse of some wild animals at the lodge. Exactly this you get at a budget friendly price at Hornbill Bush Lodge. In the night you will hear the sounds of hippos in the Nile and maybe even elephants rooming around in the bushes. During day time it is not rare that we get elephants visiting and it happens that antelopes are sighted.

We are preserving the bush style nature that is the natural habitat in the area. This in combination with the papyrus along the Nile makes it so that we also have a welcoming setting for birds. Visiting birders have even been lucky to see the Shoebill Stork here.

restaurant by Murchison Falls

Murchison Falls National Park accommodation with great value for money

When it comes to budget accommodation you should really feel that you get great value for your money. This is one of our goals at Hornbill Bush Lodge. Everything from the friendly service, spacious rooms and tasty meals to the reliable supply of cold drinks, warm showers and electricity plays a part in this. Make Hornbill Bush Lodge your affordable base when exploring Murchison Falls National Park.

Uganda safari lodges

At Woodland Lodges we offer friendly service at comfortable safari style lodges in close to nature locations in Uganda. With our affordable rates you get great value for money!